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"If virtue is to pervade the society, as many public decisions as possible must be made by the broadest range of citizens possible, and they must be made at a level as close as possible to citizens' daily experience."
    -John McClaughry, The Vermont Papers

"The effect of [a representative democracy is] to refine and enlarge the public views, by passing them through the medium of a chosen body of citizens, whose wisdom may best discern the true interest of the nation...."
    -James Madison

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Election Aftershocks

The s... Read more

Vermont State Lawmakers Ranked 5th Most Liberal in US

ALEXANDRIA, VA (October 13, 2022) — The voting of Vermont’s state lawmakers has placed the legislature as the 5th most liberal in America according to a new 50 state analysis cond... Read more

Is VT Political Media Really Worse in 2012 than Today?

On June 7, John Walters posted a piece titled, “What We’ve Lost” on his blog, the Vermont Political Observer, which he describes as “Analysis and observation of Vermont politics f... Read more

PUC to Set Heat Standard Tax Rates, not Legislature

Matt Cota of the Vermont Fuel Dealers Association recently sent out its weekly bulletin to its hundred-plus members, the people who bring fuel oil and propane to keep you from fre... Read more

Country First

Vermont at “High” Risk of Gerrymandering

Vermont is at a “high risk” of having its redistricting process fall prey to partisanship, below only “extreme risk.” RepresentUs, a activist group with a decidedly progressively ... Read more

This Is What Vote Fraud in VT Really Looks Like

            The Brattleboro Reformer is reporting a story of potential voter fraud in regard to a vote on the closing of Windham Elementary School.Read more

Another Phantom Committee

I ... Read more

Why Exactly is the Rent Too D*** High?

A headline in VT Digger declares “Vermont wages well behind cost of rent, national study details.” First question: did we really need a study to tell us that? When politicians run... Read more

All-Mail Voting Doesn’t Increase Participation

Bill Gardner, New Hampshire’s Democrat secretary of state has been in his office since 1976, so he has seen and overseen quite a few elections. He testified before congress in veh... Read more

Voter fraud in three easy steps

By Matthew Strong

In this third and final installment of an investigative series into Vermont election security and the impacts of S.15, we look to Town Clerk feed... Read more

Vermont on Path to Having Least Secure Mail-In Voting Process In the Country

By Matthew Strong

Following Secretary of State Jim Condos’ appearance on the WVMT radio show, Morning Drive, where he was confronted by a caller claiming to be a M... Read more

With Woke Friends Like These….

With the “Woke” seeping with their poisonous politics into every aspect of American culture like a bad smell, it’s sad but notRead more

A Brief History of the Left

By Tom Licata

Why do leftists continually call - through their actions - for open borders... effectively meaning the eraser of borders. And why do the leftists con... Read more

Activists Can’t Identify Systemic Problems in Systemically Racist System

The House Commerce and Economic Development Committee took up H.366., An act relating to promoting economic opportunity for BIPOC-owned businesses. The bill is short; the meat of ... Read more

EAI Town Meeting Week Poll Results

During the Town Meeting Week break for the legislature, the Ethan Allen Institute commissioned a scientific poll (450 respondents) to gage where Vermonters are on some of the key ... Read more

VT Director of Elections Testifies to How Easy Mail in Ballot Fraud Is

At the January 14 meeting of the Senate Government Operations Committee, Senator Brian Read more

40 Years of Left Wing Policy Failure

The Public Assets Institute (PAI) recently released a report, “The State of Working ... Read more

Vermont gets 3rd Worst Financial Transparency Score in Country

Truth in Accounting ranked Vermont 48th out of 50 states in terms of a Financial Transparency Score.  While EAI often discusses what programs should or shouldn't be in state budge... Read more

Vermonters respond: “Should mass mail balloting become permanent?”

Perhaps it was something in the air,... Read more

True North’s “Ballot Integrity” Reporting Page Exposes Fraudsters (In more ways than one!)

Kudos to True North Reports for doing what the Secretary of State’s office and/or the Attorney General’s office refuse to do in Jim Condos’ unprecedented, Wild West, mail-everybod... Read more

Constitution Day

Today, September 17, marks the 233rd anniversary of the signing of the Constitution of the United States.

Read more

Official who oversaw Colorado’s transition to vote-by-mail says VT not prepared

Scott Gessler was the Secretary of State of Colorado over the period when that state transitioned to mail-in-voting system. He’s done an analysis of the plans and procedures our o... Read more

Vermont leads US in protests per capita

Vermont has had the highest number of protests per capita in America since late May. Most of those were affiliated with Black Lives Matter, according to the Armed Conflict Locatio... Read more

VT Left Wing Media Bias Unmasks Itself

Dave Gram was a long time reporter for the Associated Press, is currently the host of what’s billed on WDEV as a “news talk” radio show (not an editorial or opinion show), and is ... Read more

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