Issue - Climate, Energy & the Environment

Market based solutions are the only ones which can affordably conserve Vermont's environment, combat climate change and provide safe, reliable energy to all Vermont households.

"We still face significant conservation challenges, but in the century since Teddy Roosevelt... we’ve written a conservation story worth telling... I am optimistic about our environment and the ability of humankind to invent, collaborate, and innovate our way to conservation solutions. For the doubters and worriers, there’s one more reason to stop and smile at the state of our environment: Optimists live longer. And that means more time for all of us to enjoy our natural world."

-Brian Yablonski, Property & Environment Research Center


Commentary: Vermont’s Windmill-tilting Climate Action Plan

The Perfect Little Climate Conscious State now has its own Perfect Little Climate Action Plan.  Although the Climate Action Plan won’t have any impact on climate, it will have an ... Read more

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Legislator Roll Call Votes

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Blog Posts

Costs of heat pumps- one Vermont experience

Here’s an interesting letter that appeared in the Caledonian Record a week ago, from a man who I don’t know,  Jonathan Baker of Danville. He writes this from his own experienceRead more

Nuclear Regulation's Perverse Incentives

One of my go-to guys on nuclear energy is Jack Devanney, now retired after forty years managing nuclear projects and wrestling with nuclear regulators. Here’s his latest insight:<... Read more

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