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For decades, the Legislature has steadily consolidated power in Montpelier, which necessarily limits community and parental and personal choice around education and healthcare. Education and healthcare dwarf just about every other service the government shells out taxpayer dollars for. We believe decentralizing decision making will give Vermonters more control over their family's lives.


Commentary: Return of the Curse of Diocletian

The “Inflation Reduction Act” authorizes Medicare to “negotiate prices” with the pharmaceutical industry. That is to say, impose price controls on their products purchased thr... Read more

Commentary: Maine Decision Points the Way Toward Universal School Choice

The U.S. Supreme Court’s decision in the Maine tuition case opens the door to every K-12 student having the right to opt out of an unsatisfactory public school and attend the ... Read more

Commentary: Public school democracy, voice vs. choice

New departures in sex education and union-promoted Critical Race Theory in the public schools are raising the temperature of parents and school board. Objecting parents should... Read more

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Legislator Roll Call Votes

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Blog Posts

Our Savior Returns!

Here’s a news item of interest. Anya Rader Wallack will be the new chair of One Care, the Accountable Care Organization that hopes to control as much health care in Vermont as pos... Read more

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