Our mission is to cultivate peace and prosperity by promoting policies based on the principles of free enterprise, limited, constitutional government, and individual liberty.


The Ethan Allen Institute is Vermont’s free-market public policy research and education organization. A “think tank.” Founded in 1993, we are one of fifty-plus similar but independent state-level, public policy organizations around the country which exchange ideas and information through the State Policy Network.


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    Country First

    You may be interested in a new national organization called Country First. It was launched last year by a man I admire, Rep. Adam Kinzinger. He is an eight term central Illinois Republican and was an Air Force pilot in the Iraqi war. He voted to impeach President Trump after the January 6 Capitol riot, and thus earned Trump’s undying enmity. The Democrats in charge of Illinois have just gerrymandered his district, so he will step down from Congress next January to lead Country First.

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    Senators Ponder Sales Tax on Services

    Six months ago, the Blue Ribbon Tax Structure Commission recommended expanding Vermont’s “sales tax base to all consumer-level purchases of goods and services except healthcare and casual consumer-to-consumer transactions” while reduce the sales tax rate to 3.6%.* Given the chance to consider the proposal, one senator appeared especially eager to consider the proposal.

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    Commentary: Vermont’s Unfunded Liabilities Aren’t Just Pensions

    When we talk about Vermont’s nearly $6 billion unfunded liability, most of us think about the teachers’ and state employees’ pensions. But these two giant liabilities only account for half of the state’s total unfunded liabilities. Where’s the other half?

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    Nuclear Energy & Carbon Taxes - But Not Renewable Energy

    Thirty five years ago the scientist who set the alarm bells ringing about global warming was Dr. James Hansen, then director of NASA’s Goddard Institute of Space Studies. His testimony in 1988 launched Al Gore on his climate crusade, and Hansen, now retired, has continued as the preeminent guru of the threat of catastrophic climate change. He got himself arrested a few years back in the UK for picketing a coal burning power plant.

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