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For decades, the Legislature has steadily consolidated power in Montpelier, which necessarily limits community and parental and personal choice around education and healthcare. Education and healthcare dwarf just about every other service the government shells out taxpayer dollars for. We believe decentralizing decision making will give Vermonters more control over their family's lives.

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Our Savior Returns!

Here’s a news item of interest. Anya Rader Wallack will be the new chair of One Care, the Accountable Care Organization that hopes to control as much health care in Vermont as pos... Read more

Medicare: Four Years to Insolvency

Peter Suderman of keeps a close watch on Federal fiscal issues. Here’s what he tells us from the recent annual report of the Medicare trustees.    

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School Choice Scores Big in Mendon and Chittenden

My friend attorney Deborah Bucknam of Walden has long been a strong advocate for parental choice in education. Last week she attended a meeting of the Mendon and Chittenden school... Read more

VT Single-Payer Architect Anya Rader Wallack Is Back

On June 9 the UVM Health Network announced the appointment of Anya Rader Wallack  to a high level position.  She is quoted as saying  “I believe the American health care system is... Read more

Legislature Cherry-picks Covid data to Create Race Guilt

On May 14, the House passed JRH.6 a “Joint resolution relating to racism as a public health emergency.” The resolution draftees claim Covid-19 is a public health emergency which h... Read more

Left-wing Host Pokes Fun at Low-Covid Information Leftists

On April 16, Bill Maher gave a scathing, pointed monologue that somehow managed to get his left-leaning audience to laugh at themselves.

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“15 Days to Slow the Spread”

It has been quite a long time since we heard “15 days to slow the spread.” Which is why this tweet made me chuckle. I’d probably select “D,” “15 days to slow the spread” is closes... Read more

Vermont Ranks #50 in Restraining the Governor’s Emergency Powers

Vermont scored the worst of all 50 states in providing a legislative check on the governor’s emergency powers, in Scoring Emergency Executive Power In All 50 States, a ne... Read more

Scott and School Choice

A week ago, Gov. Scott’s n... Read more

COVID is the Iceberg that Sinks the Public School System

Covid 19 is going to change how many things are done around the world even long after it’s gone, and some for the better. Business leaders are already blown away by how the virus ... Read more

Commentary: Vermont’s State College Future

A year ago VSC Chancellor issued a white paper making clear the grim future of three Vermont State Colleges: Vermont Tech, NVU-Lyndon and NVU-Johnson. Things are far worse now... Read more

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