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Two of the largest ticket items that Vermonters are being taxed on is primary education and healthcare. For decades, the Legislature has consistently consolidated power in Montpelier, which necessarily limits community and individual choices around these vital government services. We believe decentralizing decision making authority will give Vermonters more control over their personal lives

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Why Must the Infected Get Injected?

On or about April 2021, the character of human immunity changed. It is when the prestigious Mayo Clinic decided that the immunity acquired after COVID-19 infection is inconsequential. Before this paradigm shift, scientists believed that exposure to infections resulted in powerful and enduring protection known as adaptive or acquired immunity. The adaptive immune system is after all, a complex and integrated physiological marvel that protects the body by targeting threats with precision and accuracy.

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School Choice Scores Big in Mendon and Chittenden

My friend attorney Deborah Bucknam of Walden has long been a strong advocate for parental choice in education. Last week she attended a meeting of the Mendon and Chittenden school district. She reports that “ 99% of those attending wanted school choice. That included admitted leftists, public school teachers, retired public school teachers,  and some school administrators.  At least half said they moved to Mendon and Chittenden because they had school choice.” 

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Masking Children Belies Honest Cost-Benefit Considerations

Citing the Delta variant, Vermont officials have extended universal masking for all K-12 students until early October (after which it applies to the unvaccinated). Though a mandate cannot be enforced absent a state of emergency, psychological and social pressures to ensure student compliance abound.

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Missouri and New Hampshire School Choice Programs

Last week published an update on school choice developments in the states.

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VT Single-Payer Architect Anya Rader Wallack Is Back

On June 9 the UVM Health Network announced the appointment of Anya Rader Wallack  to a high level position.  She is quoted as saying  “I believe the American health care system is in crisis and can only be fixed by people who have a clear vision for reform and are in a position to improve it.” In case you are wondering who she’s talking about, she added  “I have dedicated my professional life to improving our health care system and keeping it affordable.”

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Legislature Cherry-picks Covid data to Create Race Guilt

On May 14, the House passed JRH.6 a “Joint resolution relating to racism as a public health emergency.” The resolution draftees claim Covid-19 is a public health emergency which has worsened and exposed the racism emergency.

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Sen. Sasse’s vaccine diplomacy

Sen. Ben Sasse, Republican of Nebraska, says “The Biden administration wants to surrender America’s Covid-19 vaccine technology to anyone who wants it—including China. That is the substance of the May 5 announcement that the U.S. will enter into negotiations at the World Trade Organization to waive the Agreement on Trade-Related Aspects of International Property Rights for Covid vaccine technology.

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How Scientists Let Us Down on Covid

Nicholas Wade, formerly a senior science reporter at the New York Times, issued a dazzling investigative report last week on the origins of the COVID virus. He leans to the conclusion that COVID somehow escaped from the Wuhan laboratory, although the case isn’t closed yet.

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The benefit of School Choice in the COVID era

The forced remote learning fiasco imposed on Vermont public school students this past year highlighted the lack of common benefits available from the state’s education system.

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Left-wing Host Pokes Fun at Low-Covid Information Leftists

On April 16, Bill Maher gave a scathing, pointed monologue that somehow managed to get his left-leaning audience to laugh at themselves.

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“15 Days to Slow the Spread”

It has been quite a long time since we heard “15 days to slow the spread.” Which is why this tweet made me chuckle. I’d probably select “D,” “15 days to slow the spread” is closest to “a poetic framework.”

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Vermont Ranks #50 in Restraining the Governor’s Emergency Powers

Vermont scored the worst of all 50 states in providing a legislative check on the governor’s emergency powers, in Scoring Emergency Executive Power In All 50 States, a new study from the Maine Policy Institute.

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Scott and School Choice

A week ago, Gov. Scott’s new press secretary Jason Maulucci told the media that the governor is “willing to have the conversation about changing how we pay for education.” But he said that conversation must also examine the state’s spending on education “with a focus on equity.” 

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The Coming Assault on Charter Schools

A Washington Post article by Jay Mathews shone some light on a battle certain to take place in the coming Joe Biden Administration. It will be over increasingly popular charter schools.

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VT Rep.: Make Covid lockdown permanent to fight climate change!

Yes, we saw this coming and here it is! Many, including us at EAI, have quipped over the last nine months that if you like the Covid economy, you’ll love the Green New Deal/Global Warming Solutions Act (GWSA)/Etc. Well, now Rep. Curt McCormack (D-Burlington, and chair of the House Transportation Committee) penned an op-ed, “Winning the climate and Covid wars with WWII tactics,” in which he argues, “If the Covid-19 pandemic can reduce our carbon emissions in one month by the same amount as we need to reduce per year, 7%, to avoid catastrophic climate change, can we not do this on purpose [emphasis added], in an orderly well-planned fashion?”

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COVID is the Iceberg that Sinks the Public School System

Covid 19 is going to change how many things are done around the world even long after it’s gone, and some for the better. Business leaders are already blown away by how the virus has spurred technology innovations and changes to corporate culture. Reforms that would have taken years or never come to fruition at all are happening overnight in Lockdown Land. Telemedicine is taking off, for example, and companies are embracing the benefits of telecommuting to save on office space and travel expenses.

One casualty of the Covid innovation revolution is going to be the public school system. Last spring this “unsinkable” juggernaut of political, financial, and cultural power, steaming along at full speed, hit the iceberg. This fall that ship will break apart.

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Commentary: Vermont’s State College Future

A year ago VSC Chancellor issued a white paper making clear the grim future of three Vermont State Colleges: Vermont Tech, NVU-Lyndon and NVU-Johnson. Things are far worse now, with the COVID pandemic and an enormous General Fund budget shortfall. Here are four alternatives that have been proposed.

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