Missouri and New Hampshire School Choice Programs

Last week Reason.com published an update on school choice developments in the states.

Here's the American Federation for Children on what Missouri's change means: the new law creates a $25 million Education Savings Account program that provides eligible students $6,350 for educational expenses to attend the public, charter, virtual, private or home school of their choice

Eligible students include any student who attended public school in the previous year or is entering school for the first time.

Students with an Individualized Educational Program  or with a family income below Free and Reduced Price Lunch levels  would be given first preference; children in a family making less than 200% of Free and Reduced Price Lunch would be given second preference, and all other eligible students would come after them. Missouri’s $25 million program is funded by a 100% tax credit. 

New Hampshire authorized Education Freedom Accounts,  a savings account that can be used for authorized educational expenses only. The  state deposits a student’s education grant into an approved savings account controlled by the parent. The parent may then choose to spend those funds on a list of approved educational expenses.

Qualified educational expenses include tuition and fees to private schools or other public schools, tuition and fees for non-public online learning programs, tutoring services, textbooks, instructional materials, computer hardware, internet connectivity, other tech services, school uniforms, and educational services .

It’s not too late for Vermont to catch up.


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