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Climate Guru Again Calls for More Nuclear Power

The New York Energy and Climate Advocates put out a press release on April 15 that should be of some interest.  “As New York’s Climate Action Council conducts public hearings on how to meet the goals of the Climate Leadership and Community Protection Act, climate scientist and former director of  NASA’s Goddard Institute Dr. James E. Hansen, labor representatives, community leaders, and engineers called for a bold and inclusive climate strategy, embracing both renewables and zero-carbon nuclear.”

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Our Savior Returns!

Here’s a news item of interest. Anya Rader Wallack will be the new chair of One Care, the Accountable Care Organization that hopes to control as much health care in Vermont as possible.

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State Policy Network Interviews New EAI President Meg Hansen

The Ethan Allen Institute is an affiliate member of the State Policy Network (SPN), through which we collaborate and share resources with fifty-plus similar but independent state-level public policy organizations across the nation. SPN sat down with EAI's new president Meg Hansen to learn more about how the Institute is improving the lives of Vermont residents, and her thoughts on the challenges ahead as EAI seeks to make Vermont a better place to live and work.
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Electric Vehicles and African Child Labor

A few weeks ago I devoted three WDEV radio scripts to the pros and cons of switching to an electric vehicle. This is a large topic to deal with in five minutes of air time, so I want to add two thoughts now.

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‘Ghost Guns’ and Murderers

One of my favorite writers on current affairs is Kevin Williamson, who posts a piece every Tuesday at Last week he did an illuminating piece on President Biden’s current concern about “ghost guns,” unserialized and untraceable firearms that can be bought online and assembled at home.

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Proposed Climate Spending to Developing Countries

The March 29 Washington Post reported that President Biden has requested more than $11 billion to help developing countries adapt to the ravages of climate change and build greener economies in his $5.8 trillion budget plan.

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Highlights from 29th Annual Jefferson Day Celebration

On April 20th, the Ethan Allen Institute hosted its 29th annual Jefferson Day celebration at Saint Michael's College, showing the first half of the Ken Burns film "Thomas Jefferson." EAI Board Chairman Jack McMullen presented former EAI president Rob Roper with an award for leading the organization from 2014-22. EAI Vice President John McClaughry fielded questions about the film afterwards.

"The evening was upbeat in its honoring Rob Roper's near decade long service as EAI president. The Jefferson film was remarkably well done and balanced showing his strengths and his human failings." 
~ Jack McMullen, Chairman of the EAI Board of Directors 

"It was my first EAI event and I loved the energy of the group and enjoyed spending time with like minded people." 
~ Randall Northrup, EAI Board Member

"It was a truly wonderful evening! Besides a well-deserved recognition of Rob Roper’s many accomplishments as EAI president, we were treated to a truly thought provoking and beautifully produced film about one of the most seminal yet complex figures in American history."
~ Robert Letovskey, EAI Board Member

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A Senate Committee’s Honest Discussion of Heat Standard

A friend sent me the video of the Senate Natural Resources and Energy committee meeting of April 15, discussing the Clean Heat Standard bill (H.715). Twenty nine minutes in, it yielded this these gems:

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PUC to Set Heat Standard Tax Rates, not Legislature

Matt Cota of the Vermont Fuel Dealers Association recently sent out its weekly bulletin to its hundred-plus members, the people who bring fuel oil and propane to keep you from freezing in Vermont winters. A major topic was the Clean Heat Standard bill (S.715)  that has passed the House and is now in the Senate.

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Lackadaisical Government and a Contractor Registry

Legislators will soon vote on an override of H.157, which would create a fee-based registry for Vermont’s small contractors, based on the theory that home improvement fraud is a massive problem and consumers don’t have a good way to protect themselves.

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