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Union Pension Bailouts

People are just beginning to find out what’s in the massive $1900 Billion covid recovery bill that President Biden signed recently. The $1400 payments to most adults of course got the most attention, but the bulk of the $1900 billion bill will go to pay for lots of things that have little or nothing to do with recovery from the pandemic, but everything to do with the Left’s wish list for more loot.

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A Tale of Two Cities, and Non-Citizen Voting

This year, the Vermont legislature is contemplating charter changes in two Vermont cities, Montpelier and Winooski, that would allow non-citizens to vote in local elections. The Montpelier charter change passed the House with little difficulty, 103-39. One expected Winooski, with this precedent set, to sail through as well. But it didn’t. There’s a catch – one that should also inspire some second thoughts about Montpelier as that bill goes to the Senate.

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“15 Days to Slow the Spread”

It has been quite a long time since we heard “15 days to slow the spread.” Which is why this tweet made me chuckle. I’d probably select “D,” “15 days to slow the spread” is closest to “a poetic framework.”

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Thermal Energy Efficiency Tax Vanishes, for Now

Last week I devoted three radio broadcasts to Sen. Bray’s proposed Thermal Energy Efficiency Tax, disguised as a charge on your electric bill to raise millions of dollars to subsidize 120,000 home weatherizations over the next ten years.

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Container Expansion Courts Chaos

By Matthew Strong

A bill in the VT legislature is set to double the deposit amount for beverage container deposits, and dramatically increase the number of redeemable containers.

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Five Myths About the Lone Star Blackout

When we hear something terrible has happened to someone we know, we are concerned for them. We are worried.  We want to help. 

And let’s face it, we are also concerned that something like that might happen to US.  

Our self-concern often takes the form of a list: “All the reasons this won’t happen to me.” 

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Activists Can’t Identify Systemic Problems in Systemically Racist System

The House Commerce and Economic Development Committee took up H.366., An act relating to promoting economic opportunity for BIPOC-owned businesses. The bill is short; the meat of which reads:

“The Department of Economic Development shall design and implement the Black, Indigenous, and Persons of Color (BIPOC) Business Development Program, the purposes of which are: (1) to provide BIPOC-owned businesses with technical assistance, including financial literacy, digital literacy, and marketing; (2) to promote State and federal contract bid opportunities to BIPOC owned businesses; and (3) to provide training to business technical assistance providers to reduce bias in service delivery.

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EAI Town Meeting Week Poll Results

During the Town Meeting Week break for the legislature, the Ethan Allen Institute commissioned a scientific poll (450 respondents) to gage where Vermonters are on some of the key issues under consideration.

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Biden and Sanders on Suing Firearms Manufacturers

Back in 2005 Congress enacted and President Bush signed the “Protection of Lawful Commerce in Firearms Act”. The act was prompted by an effort by a anti-Second Amendment groups to hold firearms manufacturers. distributors and retailers legally liable for crimes committed by persons using a firearm.

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Biden Exec. Order & No One Left Behind

On February 20 President Biden did something above and beyond his month long campaign to reward and placate the various groups that brought about his election.

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