State Policy Network Interviews New EAI President Meg Hansen

The Ethan Allen Institute is an affiliate member of the State Policy Network (SPN), through which we collaborate and share resources with fifty-plus similar but independent state-level public policy organizations across the nation. SPN sat down with EAI's new president Meg Hansen to learn more about how the Institute is improving the lives of Vermont residents, and her thoughts on the challenges ahead as EAI seeks to make Vermont a better place to live and work.
SPN: Where do you believe that EAI is making the biggest difference in people’s lives?
Hansen: "We are giving a voice to the middle class. The governance and public discourse is very one-sided in Vermont. While this is true in many parts of the nation, it can be a problem if people aren't really engaged with the issues. They might think that one side produces the only acceptable narrative. Through all of our policies and all of our work, we provide the center-right perspective on all issues. The Ethan Allen Institute is the only institution that does that in Vermont."


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