Commentary: Three Lawsuits That Will Change Vermont Education

Three lawsuits now in progress are likely to expand parental choice in Vermont education. Rather than dealing with “an evolving and murky legal landscape”, the legislature should reform our laws to incorporate the new legal requirements into a well-conceived parental choice - provider competition model. 

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President Biden’s Surprising Admission

On May 6 the Rhodium Group, an independent group which conducts research on topics such as the social costs of carbon, released a report highlighting the direction of China’s leadership in the developing world. Here’s a quote from their latest report: 
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Biden’s Dark Money Letter

The Washington Post reported last week that  “nearly 40 Senate Democrats are pushing President Biden to overturn a Trump-era policy that helps some nonprofits that pour money into elections conceal their donors’ names.

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Vermont to adopt systemically racist all-mail elections

According to theories surrounding the concept of “systemic racism,” disparate outcomes between races in any system is all the evidence you need to conclude that systemic racism exists in that system. Hence, our healthcare system is deemed systemically racist because Blacks are disproportionately impacted by Covid-19.

Well, by that standard, S.15, the elections bill under debate in the Vermont House of Representatives as we speak that would make permanent mailing ballots to all registered voters regardless of request, would appear to be injecting a systemically racist policy into Vermont’s voting system.

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Vermont Climate Council Wants “Buttload” More Compensation

Yes, the Vermont Climate Council, the twenty-three member climate change task force whose numbers have swollen with the incorporation of a multitude of outside subcommittee members, want more money for themselves in their efforts to make your life less affordable.


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