Explosive voter fraud allegations come to light amidst legislative push to make Vote-by-Mail permanent.

By Matthew Strong

Last week Secretary of State Jim Condos was on the radio program “The Morning Drive with Marcus & Kurt” on WVMT to discuss voting access bill S.15, and a caller revealed potentially explosive allegations of voter fraud.

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Commentary: Vermont Public vs. Independent Schools, the Auditor’s Report

While Vermont public school officials are carping about returning to the classroom post Covid, calling for higher taxes to pay for their pensions, and are otherwise consumed with controversies over mascot names and what flags get to fly on school grounds, Vermont families have been driving an interesting trend – using Vermont’s 150 year old school choice “tuitioning” program to put their kids into independent schools.

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A Brief History of the Left

By Tom Licata

Why do leftists continually call - through their actions - for open borders... effectively meaning the eraser of borders. And why do the leftists continually call - through their actions - for open voting... effectively meaning the eraser of even voter registration?

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Commentary: GWSA may stop REC Cash Flow, but not our Natural Gas Reliance

For several years, Vermont has made millions selling Renewable Energy Credits (REC’s) to other states. But the 2020 Global Warming Solutions Act will soon cut off this cash flow which would raise rates. There is also the chance that the GWSA may set in motion a chain of events culminating in electric blackouts.

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Vermont Ranks 41st in Taxpayer Return-On-Investment

Vermont ranked 41st out of 50 states, when it comes to taxpayers' return on investment (ROI). What Vermont taxpayers pay to Montpelier doesn’t get a great return relative to what taxpayers from most other states get.

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