The Costly Montpelier Hotel Fiasco

Everybody in Montpelier is already well aware of the decades long and now abandoned Capital Plaza hotel and parking garage project, but for the benefit of others let me quote Charles Martin, of the Vermont Chamber of Commerce.

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Voter fraud in three easy steps

By Matthew Strong

In this third and final installment of an investigative series into Vermont election security and the impacts of S.15, we look to Town Clerk feedback, and what simple measures could be included in S.15 to make it work, and another option to mass mailing ballots every election.

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Commentary: Fed Crackdown on Failing VT Special Ed

The US Department of Education (USDE) recently found that Vermont is one of only two states which “needs intervention in implementing the requirements of Part B Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA).” This shatters the myth that Vermont offers disabled students a superior education.

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Left-wing Host Pokes Fun at Low-Covid Information Leftists

On April 16, Bill Maher gave a scathing, pointed monologue that somehow managed to get his left-leaning audience to laugh at themselves.

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Commentary: How Government Expands, and Liberty Contracts

A bill to register building contractors is just the first step toward eventual licensing even for local handymen, and enforced compliance with energy conservation building standards to defeat climate change, no matter what the cost.

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