Vermont on Path to Having Least Secure Mail-In Voting Process In the Country

By Matthew Strong

Following Secretary of State Jim Condos’ appearance on the WVMT radio show, Morning Drive, where he was confronted by a caller claiming to be a Middlebury landlord who witnessed students “scooping up” and fraudulently submitting unclaimed or unwanted mailed ballots in the last election, we have been asking the Secretary’s office for specific details regarding security measures, or lack thereof, in Vermont’s proposed vote-by-mail bill, S.15. So far, Eric Covey, spokesperson for the office, has been adamant that there is no fraud in Vermont, but evasive regarding specific questions about specific vulnerabilities in the system.

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Defending Donor Privacy

One of the big causes on the Left is to make nonprofit organizations reveal their donors.  A case in the US Supreme Court, Americans for Prosperity Foundation v. Becerra, challenges California's blanket requirement for nonprofits to disclose their top donors on their tax reports. 

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Commentary: It’s Time to Rethink Failing Health Care Policies

Vermont ‘s All Payer performance , widely criticized , will almost certainly fall short of HHS agreement requirements in 2022. It’s time to move away from ever-increasing government management, and develop a demonstrably superior path of personal responsibility, informed patient choice, provider competition, price transparency, less third party payment , diminished regulation, liability restraint and outcome accountability.

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With Woke Friends Like These….

With the “Woke” seeping with their poisonous politics into every aspect of American culture like a bad smell, it’s sad but not shocking to see Major League Baseball caving to calls to move the All Star Game out of Atlanta, Georgia, to Denver, Colorado. Here, in a nutshell, is why this is so colossally stupid, and why this episode should serve as a cautionary tale for Black Americans who think it might be a good idea to get into political bed with these dishonest, selfish, manipulative people….

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Taxes & Government Spending


EAI believes Vermont is spending money on government services at an unsustainable rate. In order to pay for these services, Vermonters are being asked to pay more in taxes and fees with each passing year. Taxation must be circumscribed and limited else it will “defeat and render useless the power to create.” By what principle should it be limited? There is a principle embedded in our system which provides inherent limits to all taxation. It is so basic to our political institutions that it should govern every legislator, every executive, and every judge. It precedes all our constitutions, all our laws, and all our political institutions. It brought them into existence; it sustains them; without it they are a nullity.

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Bill Would Fine Contractors $5000 for “Unauthorized Practice”

The Vermont House will act on bill H.157 the week of April 5 to require every contractor to register with the state Office of Professional Regulation if the value of the work and  materials provided to a home owner amounts to $2500 or more.

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Sedition Act – Never Again

The awful events of January 6 at the US Capitol revived talk of the crime of sedition. That crime is defined in the law books as “overt conduct, such as speech and organization, that tends toward incitement of discontent or rebellion against the established order.”

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