Commentary: Recovery and Moving Forward

Vermonters battled their way out of the devastation of the 1927 flood.  But Vermont is now a far more expensive enterprise, that can’t be sustained when state revenues disappear. Spending $17,873 per K-12 pupil in public education is too much for next year’s taxpayers to pay, after the economic disaster of 2020. This hard fact will force us to rethink the whole question of how we educate our children

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Commentary: Coronavirus Pandemic Lessons

The coronavirus pandemic alerts us to the depths of our complacency over destructive viruses for which we have no treatment. There are treatments, but official medicine has driven them out of sight. Now we need to put them to the test. One benefit from the pandemic is that senseless regulations are getting brushed aside, and another is that Vermont’s civil society has stepped up to aid the afflicted.

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Commentary: Scrap the “Common Property Amendment"

Proposal 9 declares that the people have a right to a clean environment and gives the green light to the Conservation Law Foundation to sue to get it. The state’s natural resources, it states, are “the common property of all the people”. Here comes the feudal King, and there goes  243 years of freehold and liberty.

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