A Suggestion for the Mid Vermont Christian School

Last Friday’s paper brought the news that the Mid Vermont Christian School, in Quechee, had filed a lawsuit against the state Agency of Education, which had ruled that the school could not participate in future basketball tournaments, or accept students from tuition towns. Why not? Because the Christian school said it was simply unfair that schools that competed with it in basketball were using transgendered boys on their girls’ teams.

It seems to me, Mid Vermont Christian has a pretty strong fairness case. Suppose an opposing girls basketball team took the floor with five big, husky transgendered boys on their girls’ team, playing against five biological girls. It’s not hard to figure out the result of that match. Mid Vermont Christian’s girls can’t compete with biological boys newly made over as girls.

Let me repeat my earlier suggestion to Mid Vermont Christian School. When the opposing girls’ team puts in a big, husky newly minted girl, send out a big, husky fellow from your own boy’s team to balance  the scales.

Let the opposing team complain to the Agency of Education that its girls’ team, including their transgendered biological boy, have to compete with a team that also has a boy playing. Then let the state come up with an argument that a biological boy playing against another biological boy is some kind of illegal discrimination deserving of punishment. I wouldn’t want to have to argue that case.


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  • John McClaughry
    published this page in News 2023-12-02 09:29:31 -0500