Wayne LaRoche

2022 Legislative Session

Approve Burlington's Heating Regulations and Other Amendments (H.448). Passed on February 22, 2022 by a vote of 96-47. H.448 would regulate “thermal energy systems in residential and commercial buildings.” Those voting YES wish to echo residents’ desire to make Burlington as “sustainable as possible.” Those voting NO believe “regulating thermal energy systems” could worsen Vermont’s housing shortage. Regulations in Burlington could lead to reduced housing supply in other nearby towns. Any legislation addressing a state priority like climate change should be done across the state, rather than in one municipality. Especially if it worsens another state priority like housing.

LaRoche - NO

Restrict Burlington’s Lawful Rental Evictions (H.708). Passed on February 18, 2022 by a vote of 98-49. H.708 removes the blanket permission Burlington landlords have to not renew a tenant’s lease, and lays out acceptable reasons landlords may evict tenants. Those voting YES believe Burlington tenants need better protection from eviction than they currently have. Those voting NO believe contracts between landlord and tenant should lived up to on both sides, without more government interference. The proposal could end up reducing Burlington’s housing supply if landlords are more cautious to put housing on the rental market.

LaRoche - NO

Took office in 2022

No legislative action to report yet! Check back later this year.