Who Profits from S.5?

An exchange on the (Un)Affordable Heat bill took place at the Calais Town Meeting between Rep. Marc Mihaly (D-Calais) and resident John Brabant, who is also the Regulatory Affairs Director for Vermonters for a Clean Environment.

Rep. Mihaly lamented the “propaganda” citizens have been receiving in their mailboxes, which he said been paid for by the “oil companies.” He then said: “when the bill comes up to a vote I will be supporting it.”

But Brabant called out Mihaly:. “It’s not the big oil companies. These are the mom and pops all around the state that supply all of us with propane and heating oil that gets us through the winter without freezing.”

Brabant went on: “the biggest oil dealer in Vermont is called Global — they’re out of Burlington and they support this bill. The reason is, it’s going to allow them to corner the market on clean heat credits. And it’s going to squeeze the little independent fuel dealer out of business.”

He added: The largest polluter in this state, the largest carbon emitter in this state, Vermont Gas Systems, helped write the bill. They are owned by a Canadian power provider that owns Green Mountain Power as well, and Green Mountain Power supports it. The single largest stationary source of atmospheric carbon in Vermont is Burlington Electric Department’s [McNeil] chip burner. They are adamant supporters. They all benefit supremely financially from this bill.” 

Reports Brabant, Mihaly responded by quickly changing the subject.


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