Uvalde shooting

The horrible school shooting in Uvalde, Texas has brought forth impassioned demands to “do something”, but as Sen. Cruz pointed out, the people making the demands rarely if ever have any idea what to do that would sharply reduce such shootings.

Four years ago, after the Parkland high school shooting in Florida, I devoted a column to this subject. Let me quote: “Passing more laws aimed at further restricting firearms ownership offers little prospect of preventing more gun violence, and it threatens the constitutionally protected right of self defense by law abiding citizens.”

“Schools need to make it difficult for an armed assault to succeed, stamp out bullying and by well-conceived interventions - of which I described three examples - provide the support that potentially dangerous youths badly need.

And finally the institutions of civil society need to multiply their efforts, to help disturbed, alienated and hopeless young people overcome their demons while their lives can still be turned around.”

What we’re seeing now is not so much a search for effective solutions but a political campaign by Democrats to make people believe that those awful Republicans are blocking a solution – without explaining just what solution holds any promise at all of preventing the next shooting.

Americans have a constitutional right to own firearms for self defense, and there are over 300 million firearms floating around the United States. Now, let’s examine real world solutions.


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