The Murphy Social Connections bill

Last week Democratic Sen. Chris Murphy of Connecticut, recently reported as dropping to his knees on the Senate floor to implore his colleagues to abridge our right to keep and bear arms, came up with another liberal brainstorm. 

He presented a plan to combat loneliness. Murphy’s magic method is adopting a "National Strategy for Social Connection." It is embodied in a bill that would create "a federal office to combat the growing epidemic of American loneliness, develop anti-loneliness strategies, and foster best practices to promote social connection.".

Murphy's "Office of Social Connection Policy would advise the president on loneliness and isolation," order federal agencies to implement a "national strategy on social connection," and start a public awareness campaign to educate people about fostering connections.

"Similar to existing national guidelines on nutrition, sleep, and physical activity, the Office would issue research-based best practices on how to better engage and connect with our local communities," Murphy's summary of the bill states.

The people at federal agencies would be tasked with coming up with ways to promote "social connection" in areas including "transportation, housing, health, education, and labor," just like officials across federal agencies are now ordered to consider things like equity, race, and sustainability when designing or enacting any policies.  Murphy's plan would give more money to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention to study loneliness.

Hey, give us a break.


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