The MidValley Christian School Issue

A week ago the Vermont Principals Association expelled the MidValley Christian School in Quechee from any and all sports events. What was their offense?

MidValley is a serious Christian school, and according to their interpretation of their faith they do not choose to recognize a competing girl’s athletic team which includes a biological male claiming to be a transgendered female. So when such an opposing team took the court in a playoff game, the MidValley girls walked off the court  and forfeited the game.

This triggered the wrath of the woke thinkers at the Vermont Principals Association, who dropped the hammer.

This disciplinary act attracted national attention, including from Fox News. I avoid theological arguments, but I do have a practical solution to recommend to MidValley Christian.

When the opposing team fields a boy supposing himself to be a girl, MidValley should send in a husky biological male bruiser to defend against that player. Let’s see how that works out.

If objection is made, MidValley can say “hey, you have a biological male on the court, and we have a biological male on the court. The only difference is that our boy doesn’t claim to be a girl, and yours does. If you don’t like this, you’re discriminating against our biological male because of his gender.”

That doesn’t settle the theological questions, but it solves the fairness issue, and should give the principals something to think about.


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