Taxes & Spending: Roll Call Votes

EAI believes Vermont is spending money on government services at an unsustainable rate. In order to pay for these services, Vermonters are being asked to pay more in taxes and fees with each passing year. Taxation must be limited else it will “defeat and render useless the power to create.”

By what principle should it be limited? There is a principle embedded in our system which provides inherent limits to all taxation. It is so basic to our political institutions that it should govern every legislator, every executive, and every judge. It precedes all our constitutions, all our laws, and all our political institutions. It brought them into existence; it sustains them; without it they are nothing.

All Roll Call Votes

Roll Call! Senate Asserts Government Authority to Audit State Contractors (23-6), 2023

Roll Call! Senate Overrides Gov Pension Veto (30-0), 2022

Roll Call! Senate Chooses Tentative Approach on Pension Reform (28-0), 2022

Roll Call! Senate Approves 5% Increase in State Budget (24-6), 2022

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Roll Call! House Opposes Exempting $30,000 of Military Pensions from Income Tax (55-79), 2021

Roll Call! House votes for $14 million/year tax on “cloud-based” software services (96-44), 2021

Roll Call! House Expands 5¢ Bottle Deposit Fees to (Almost) All Beverage Containers (99-46), 2021

Roll Call! Senate Delays Funding Unemployment, Increases Unemployment Benefits (18-12), 2021

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Roll Call! House Votes Against Income Tax Surcharge on "The Rich" (21-125), 2021

Roll Call! Senate Votes to Shift More Union Bargaining Costs to Taxpayers (22-5), 2021

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Roll Call! House Supports 0.5% Property Transfer Tax on Transactions over $1 million (53-94), 2021

Roll Call! House Votes to Shift More Union Bargaining Costs to Taxpayers (102-46), 2021

Roll Call! House Fails to Override Governor’s Veto on Paid Family Leave (99-51), 2020

Roll Call! House Passes Payroll Tax to Fund Paid Family Leave (89-58), 2020

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