Student loan case a victory for Democracy

Your TV screen has been showing distraught college students protesting the Supreme Court’s decision that President Biden has no authority to just cancel $420 billion in unpaid student debt.

What you have never seen is an interview with a student who said “I had a debt of $50 thousand when I graduated, but over the ten years since I have worked hard and paid it off.”

That wouldn’t fit into the media’s narrative of debt-burdened students victimized by an uncaring conservative Supreme Court.

Liberals, with all their vituperation of the Supreme Court for threatening democracy, can’t seem to grasp that the Constitution authorized Congress to create the student loan program, and the President can’t just wipe those loans out to get political support from students who didn’t or couldn’t pay their debts.

As Charles Cooke at National Review reminded us, “Congress has not passed a law that allows for the cancellation of student-loan debt. Joe Biden even admitted that a year or two ago. Democratic speaker Nancy Pelosi confirmed this in 2021. So did the Biden Department of Education. That Biden did it anyway without any authorization from Congress represented a disqualifying abandonment of his oath of office.”

Liberals worrying about democracy ought to have hailed the Supreme Court’s decision, which from a legal point of view was a slam dunk. They ought to worry about the three so-called liberal justices who supported Biden’s anti-democratic action. But they won’t.


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  • John McClaughry
    published this page in EAI Blog 2023-08-01 10:03:49 -0400