School Choice Advances (elsewhere)

Here’s a newsworthy item from the Wall Street Journal:

“In Little Rock, [Arkansas] new Gov. Sarah Huckabee Sanders is following through on her reform promise after bringing on a member of Florida’s successful education team as her education secretary. On Thursday the state Senate passed a bill for education savings accounts on a 25-7 vote”.

“The bill would provide funds worth roughly $6,500 per student, or 90% of the core amount the state provides to districts per public school student. Eligibility would be limited in the first two years, but by the 2025-2026 school year any student in the state could apply. The funds can be used for private school tuition, home-schooling curriculum, and more. The state House is expected to take up the bill soon, which raises teacher pay, among other education provisions.”

“Meanwhile in Oklahoma City, a school choice bill sailed through the state House, 75-25, on Wednesday. The legislation offers a refundable $5,000 tax credit per student for parents with children in private school to use toward education expenses, including tuition. Parents who home-school would be eligible for a $2,500 tax credit per student. The bill next heads to the Senate, and Republican Gov. Kevin Stitt praised its passage. “We’re injecting some competition into the education system and that’s a good thing,” he told Fox News.


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