Roll Call! Senate Gives Most Future Convicts Right to Parole (21-9), 2020


in the State Senate
on March 11, 2020, by a vote of

Purpose: To give future individuals convicted of first- and second-degree murder the potential to get out on parole. Prisoners would be allowed to come before the parole board if they have spent at least 35 years in prison or have served their minimum sentence. Those convicted of aggravated murder could still receive life in prison without parole.

Analysis: Those voting YES believe jail time should recognize the “risk of the individual (to the community) rather than the offense.” They believe some of those convicted of murder are not likely to commit another violent crime. Such individuals should be allowed to make a new life for themselves.

Those voting NO believe the rights of murderers should not surpass the rights of the victims and their families in receiving justice. They believe anyone capable of extreme violence once is likely to offend again. Granting parole to violent criminals is likely to result in more victims.

As Recorded in the Senate Journal, Wednesday, March 11, 2020: “…thereupon, the bill was read the second time by title only pursuant to Rule 43, the recommendation of amendment was agreed to, and third reading of the bill was ordered on a roll call, Yeas 21, Nays 9. Senator Collamore having demanded the yeas and nays, they were taken and are as follows…” (Read the Journal, p.264 – 267).


How They Voted

Timothy Ashe (D/P-Chittenden) -YES
Becca Balint (D-Windham) -YES
Philip Baruth (D-Chittenden) -YES
Joseph Benning (R-Caledonia) -NO
Christopher Bray (D-Addison) -YES
Randy Brock (R-Franklin) -NO
Brian Campion (D-Bennington) -YES
Alison Clarkson (D-Windsor) -YES
Brian Collamore (R-Rutland) -NO
Ann Cummings (D-Washington) -YES
Ruth Hardy (D-Addison) -YES
Cheryl Hooker (D-Rutland) -YES
Debbie Ingram (D-Chittenden) -YES
M. Jane Kitchel (D-Caledonia) -NO
Virginia Lyons (D-Chittenden) -YES
Mark MacDonald (D-Orange) -YES
Richard Mazza (D-Chittenden-Grand Isle) -YES
Richard McCormack (D-Windsor) -YES
James McNeil (R-Rutland) -NO
Alice Nitka (D-Windsor District) -NO
Corey Parent (R-Franklin) -NO
Chris Pearson (P-Chittenden) -YES
Andrew Perchlik (D-Washington) -YES
Anthony Pollina (P/D-Washington) -YES
John Rodgers (D-Essex-Orleans) -NO
Richard Sears (D-Bennington) -YES
Michael Sirotkin (D-Chittenden) -YES
Robert Starr (D-Essex-Orleans) -YES
Richard Westman (R-Lamoille) -NO
Jeanette White (D-Windham) -YES

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