Nevada Murder and the Death Penalty

Here’s a really distressing news report. “A Nevada man was sentenced to life in prison without parole in the death of a 27-year-old man in 2021 who was tortured, shot and forced to walk off a cliff, the Nye County District Attorney’s office confirmed to Fox News Digital. 

Brad Mehn was found guilty of first-degree murder and kidnapping with a deadly weapon in the fatal shooting of Roy Jaggers, 27, whose body was discovered at the bottom of Cathedral Canyon in Nye County. 

Two others involved in the murder pleaded guilty last month to second-degree murder. 

Nye County District Attorney Brian Kunzi said in a statement to Fox News Digital, "We have now obtained murder convictions for the three individuals involved in this heinous crime, who are all facing lengthy prison terms," 

According to prosecutors, the victim was lured to Pate’s house in Las Vegas, handcuffed and beaten, wrapped in a tarp and put in the back of a car, The three perpetrators drove him to Nye County and tortured him for hours with multiple weapons including a blow torch, knives and an ax before forcing him to strip and walk off a cliff.

In past years the death penalty got a bad name for miscarriages of justice, especially when minority defendants were executed for flimsy or corrupted evidence. In cases like this one, and with  serial killers, where the guilt is indisputable, it's time to bring it back.



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