IPCC's Cyclone Error

The United Nations’ Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change is collection of climate scientists and government appointees that has issued six major assessment reports on the planet’s projected climate future.

Dr. Roger Pielke Jr. of the University of Colorado has participated in the IPCC’s work. In his blog two weeks ago Dr. Pielke wrote “A high level participant in the IPCC has confirmed to me that the major error on tropical cyclones that I recently identified was indeed a major snafu and a result of claims being inserted into the IPCC outside its review process. Neither of these things should happen in a process that the IPCC promotes as the “gold standard” of scientific assessment.”

“The error was to claim that a change in the proportion of Category 3-5 tropical cyclones has been detected and attributed to human-caused climate change, which is contrary to both evidence and the scientific literature. Even worse, in making the false claims the IPCC failed to acknowledge that that paper had undergone a major correction, which altered its conclusions and rendered it irrelevant.

“The false claim was ultimately elevated by the IPCC to the summary of its recent Synthesis Report where it was promoted as one of the most significant scientific findings of the past assessment cycle.” 

This is yet another example of unjustifiable information peddled by the great science authority, the IPCC. Don’t expect our climateers to make a public apology.


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