German Boilers

The Germans are among the quickest in the world to mandate drastic practices to defeat the menace of climate change. Starting January 1 gas boilers can’t be used to heat apartment buildings. Instead, the owners will have to install electric heat pumps. But Vonovia, Europe’s ‘largest landlord, says heat pumps are too expensive, and in any case it has been unable to connect seventy percent of the heat pumps because the nation’s power grid is too heavily strained.

Closer to home, Washington DC, has passed a law that bans the use of gasoline powered leaf blowers. The fine is as much as $500. But there is a thoughtful  exemption for leaf blowers used on government property, like, government gas powered leaf blowers don’t cause climate change

It’s no secret that the Biden Administration, despite denials, is ‘lusting after your gas cookstove. These climate cultists have probably gone one step too far floating that idea. At some point, hopefully soon, millions of Americans are going to say “enough. Keep your hands off my cookstove. I don’t care if the global temperature rises a sixth of a degree Celsius fifty years from now. In fact that strikes me as a rather good idea, especially when I’m paying to heat my home in a cold winter.”

The sooner millions of Americans stand up and say they’ve had enough of this foolishness, the better – and freer – we will be.


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