EAI Releases End-of-Session Roll Call Legislator Profiles

The Ethan Allen Institute released its officially updated legislator “Roll Call Profiles” to reflect the final votes from the veto session, which ended last month.

Highlighted legislation include votes on permanent all-mail voting, a resolution declaring racism a public health emergency, allocating $80 million in Covid relief funding, turning schools into social service centers, veto overrides on noncitizen voting and more. Each vote receives a brief overview of the issue at stake and links to more in-depth information, including original records, supporting documents and analysis. Where possible, we provide links to video of the “floor” debate on these votes.

The profiles can be viewed here.

Each profile, in addition to detailing each legislator’s voting history going back to 2013, contains contact information, links to campaign websites and social media accounts, and links to contact local papers in the district. “These profiles are a tool that allows Vermonters to better understand the issues under debate by lawmakers, to see what their elected representatives are doing, interact with them directly on multiple platforms, and hold them accountable in public forums,” said EAI president, Rob Roper. “It’s a one-stop-shop tool kit for being an active, engaged, responsible citizen.”

The Roll Call votes in these profiles will be updated again to include votes from the final weeks of the legislative session.

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