Climate Censorship

The Wall Street Journal had a really concerning editorial entitled: The Climate Change Censorship: The left is demanding that social media shut down debate even on solutions”.

It began “On Tuesday more than a dozen environmental outfits, including Greenpeace and the Union of Concerned Scientists, wrote to the big tech companies to blame them for “amplifying and perpetuating climate disinformation.”

Citing an early episode of demanded information censorship relating to the COVID pandemic, the Journal wrote that “It’s a bad sign when one side of a political debate demands to cut off the microphones of the people on the other – and the tech censors these days are almost uniformly progressives… On climate change, the disinformation tag gets liberally applied even to people who agree that it’s real, caused by fossil fuels, and a problem – but who also think that humanity can adapt, apocalyptic predictions are overwrought, and subsidies for green energy are a poor investment.” End quote

A currently popular idea on the left is to make the big tech platforms  like Facebook and Twitter legally liable for allowing any point of view the left brands as disinformation, notably skepticism about their demands to put a stop to a supposed climate catastrophe..

Whatever became of the genuine liberals of my youth, who defended free speech even of unpopular ideas? The progressives, especially the climate change warriors,  have overpowered  and replaced them, with a vengeance..


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