Chinese Coal

One of the sources I read most every day is Inside Climate News . I’m not quite sure who funds this news service, but it is all in on the terrible climate crisis just looming ahead of us, and the enormous sacrifices we must be required to make to fend it off.

Here’s an item that appeared there on April 9: “China alone has approved nearly 100 gigawatts of additional coal power plants… Each gigawatt is the equivalent of installing more than 3 million solar panels or over 330 utility-scale wind turbines, says the U.S. Department of Energy.”

A simple calculation shows that 100 Gigawatts of electricity would require more than three hundred million solar panels, three hundred thirty million utility scale wind turbines, or a combination of the two.  

From a planetary standpoint, a single one and a half gigawatt coal burning power plant with 80% capacity factor annually releases more carbon dioxide than everything in the State of Vermont transportation, heating, building, agriculture – everything.

So, our legislative leadership is going all out to drive up the price of heating fuel, as well as the price of gasoline and diesel which is coming later down the road, to reduce Vermont emissions to the point where one of those already announced Chinese coal plants can cancel out all of Vermont’s emissions in something like three months?

What do these climate geniuses think they are doing – at our expense?


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