“Stop telling kids that climate change will destroy their world”

Columnist Holman Jenkins of the Wall Street Journal has long been a critic of exaggerated and fictitious claims about the menace of climate change – while at the same time advocating for a global carbon tax to reduce carbon dioxide emissions.

A week ago  Wednesday he pointed out that “a headline at the liberal site Vox.com invited readers to “stop telling kids that climate change will destroy their world.” The consensus science championed by the IPCC, writer Kelsey Piper points out, does not “add up to an uninhabitable Earth, or even one that’d be an awful place to live . . . Because of progress on many fronts in addressing extreme poverty and disease, as well as general economic growth, our kids’ lives will be better than our parents’ lives were” notwithstanding a warming planet.

“The greatest imbecility of all is not drawing the obvious lesson from political failure. Doom-mongering and demonization have not produced rational or effective climate policy. Advocates might claim some progress in producing neurotic reactions in teenage Swedish girls and 60-something New York architects. Most of all, though, they’ve succeeded in convincing millions of voters that climate activism is a bigger threat to their future well-being than climate change is.”

I completely agree. I have said not that “climate change” itself is a scam – climate is always changing - , but the frantic campaign to combat it has become a scam. The climate doomsayers need to rethink their message.


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