Using Guns for Self Defense - 3 Recent Examples

The Heritage Foundation’s Daily Signal last week published eleven news stories about citizens using a firearm to stop a crime. Here are three examples.

  • June 4, Gustavus, Ohio: A homeowner spotted a man underneath a car in his driveway late at night, and grabbed a shotgun to confront him. The man, who police suspect was trying to steal car parts, rushed at the homeowner, who shot and wounded him. Investigators later discovered that the would-be thief possessed several power tools and had put a jack under the homeowner’s car. 
  • June 16, Delta Township, Michigan: a mentally distressed man began firing a handgun at cars on a highway. Emergency dispatchers received at least 10 calls about the man before he jumped in front of the concealed carry permit holder’s car and pointed a gun at him, police said. The driver, who had been on his way to enjoy a round of golf, shot and killed the man. 

In this example protesters against racial injustice used their Second Amendment rights to save the lives of those exercising their First Amendment rights.

This is the upside of widespread firearms ownership protected by the Second Amendment.    

John McClaughry is vice president of the Ethan Allen Institute.

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