This Nightmare Is the Environmental Leftist’s Dream

April 22, 2020

By Rob Roper

You can’t go on social media without seeing some post poking fun at our current situation along the lines of “How do you like this preview of the Green New Deal?” But these are funny because they are true, as demonstrated by the latest Op-Ed by Vermont’s David Blittersdorf of AllEarth Renewables.

Blittersdorf is gleeful about the destruction of our economy because of its impact on lowering our carbon footprint. “We may have failed in the past,” he writes, “but in the wake of our newfound global collective awareness of what is essential, we have a new opportunity right now to carry out the big changes necessary.” What’s not essential in Blittersdorf’s world (and of those who share his ideology) is you, your job, and your standard of living. And the big, necessary change he sees for the future is making sure those unessential things don’t come back.

What does he want instead? More of your tax dollars to subsidize his own business and protect his own multi-millionaire lifestyle. “It’s time to write new laws and invest in new infrastructure to support renewables, combat climate change, switch to electric heating, new transportation systems…. Let’s use this crisis to pivot to INCREASE in-state wind and solar installations.”

Vermont state revenues have been devastated by this economic shut down. Surveys show that nearly half of small businesses are not confident they will be able to reopen or re-hire employees when this is over. Unemployment services are overwhelmed. Schools have been rocked, and there’s a real worry Vermonters won’t be able to pay their property taxes to support them. Three state college campuses may close, resulting in tremendous economic disruption to large swaths of Vermont. Our hospitals, which aren’t making money doing elective surgeries or providing routine care, will need help getting back on their feet…

How out of touch does one have to be to think that as we try to climb out of this awful hole that raising taxes to pay for EV charging stations, solar panel subsidies for wealthy homeowners, inefficient wind towers on our ridgelines, and David Blittersdorf’s idiotic, $90 million, seven mile, train service between Montpelier and Barre will to be a priority — let alone the priority — for anyone?

Well, perhaps the politicians Blittersdorf funds will continue to promote his schemes – if (re)elected. Here’s a small taste of who that is from a 2016 story by Paul Heinz of Seven Days:

Blittersdorf, a wind and solar developer who cofounded NRG Systems and now runs AllEarth Renewables, is putting his money where his mouth is. Over the past two years, he has contributed more than $102,000 to Vermont candidates, political action committees, super PACs and parties, according to federal and state records. That makes him the most generous Vermont donor to state political races this election cycle, according to a Seven Days analysis….

In addition to the $4,000 he’s given to Scott’s rival, Democratic nominee Sue Minter, Blittersdorf has contributed $20,000 directly to the Vermont Democratic Party — and another $20,000 to the party through two businesses he controls, Aeolus Labs and Georgia Mountain Community Wind.

He’s helped out traditional political action committees, such as Vermont Conservation Voters PAC and Renewable Energy Vermont PAC, to the tune of $4,000 apiece. And he’s also dabbled in super PACs: Two weeks ago, he cut a $25,000 check to Vermont Conservation Voters Action Fund.

If you want to understand why Vermont is so screwed up and doesn’t seem to serve the needs of the people, this is a big part of the reason. The people who are buying the majority of or politicians don’t think you’re essential. In fact, they think the opposite – that you’re a problem that needs to be eliminated in order to create a “new normal.”

Rob Roper is president of the Ethan Allen Institute.

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Ivan st george April 22, 2020 at 7:07 pm

what more can to be said about a self important, self promoter of all things
wind and solar than the disciple of Crap himself,David Blittersdorf. ?

Plenty, but for now we will leave it at, he cannot make a living without begging for other
peoples hard earned money by having political hacks take it away from us involuntarily.
Disgusting human being is a massive understatement


H. Brooke Paige April 22, 2020 at 8:25 pm

Just say NO to the Blittersdorf Choo Choo !

Nothing is more satisfying than to drive down Websterville Road in Barre Town and see Blittersdorf’s $5M “investment” in a dozen antique Budd RDC railcars rusting away on the abandoned siding out back of the Tenco facility. ”

A fool and his money are soon parted.”

Somehow Blittersdorf thinks that the fact that he foolishly plunked down five million dollars for a dozen worn-out 1950’s Budd Rail Diesel Cars, has somehow obligated the state to join him in his delusional vision of operating heavy railcar service in areas that simply cannot support the expenses involved in such an enterprise,

His first scheme was (is) to operate service between downtown Barre and Montpelier over seven miles of trackage that is barely serviceable for the freight service is currently supports, The tracks are in such poor shape that derailments are a regular (almost monthly) event seen by all who travel the Barre-Montpelier road. any other savvy businessperson would have realized that the $90M necessary to upgrade the trackage to the necessary Federal Railroad Administration standards make the project financially unviable and those costs don’t include the acquisition, maintenance and operating expenses involved in the proposed service.

Mercifully, the Blittersdorf Choo Choo (fantasy) has been derailed for now, but given his appetite for all things that allow him to feed at the government trough – we’ll need to remain vigilant until we see the Blittersdorf “Antique Fleet” have taken their final trip from the Websterville siding to the down-country scrap track !


Mike April 25, 2020 at 12:37 pm

Interesting observation, however, I respectfully disagree. In my view, life under this whole virus mess should be environmentalists’ nightmare as it shows the folks quite vividly what living would be like if their wildest dreams ever came true.


Rick Duhran April 25, 2020 at 5:17 am

Blittersdorf has had his hand in the public subsidy pot way too long and way too deep. Check out also the personal ties of some of our electrical energy providers with Blittersdorf, Rubin, and subsidized energy proposals in VT. Start with Washington Electric Coop.


Paul Giuliani April 25, 2020 at 5:00 pm

This guy brings to mind a vision ascribed to Madeline Kunin – to turn Vermont into a theme park for the enjoyment of our elite betters. The Barre-Montpelier Acela is destined to go the way of Skippy’s Rocket from Charlotte to Burlington. BTW, you need to know that our. AOT currently is dropping a bundle on upgrades to the B-M trackage . I’m sure this undertaking is nothing more than regular maintenance .


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