How many lies can you fit into 1 min 30 sec Carbon Tax video?

by Rob Roper

The VPIRG led coalition group, Energy Independent Vermont, put out a video pushing for a Vermont Carbon Tax (they don’t call it that) ahead of this November’s election. It just over a minute and a half long, and contains a truly stupefying amount of misleading and outright false information.

Here are some of the things they say, followed by a more accurate representation of reality…

“Save money on household energy bills.” No, this program is part of an overall campaign to force Vermonters away from cheaper, more reliable sources of energy and onto more expensive, politically correct sources of energy. You can debate the merits of renewable energy, but you cannot honestly say this policy will save Vermonters money. It will cost us more both in taxes and in the prince of energy.

“Set up an energy independence fund”… Translation: Create a $50 million per year government slush fund that will be used to subsidize politically connected millionaires in the renewable energy and weatherization business. This rent seeking at the heart of why they are pushing for the carbon tax.

“Will cut taxes for all Vermonters.” This is just a lie. The plan Energy Independent Vermont is advocating for calls for redistributing 90% of the revenue collected from the Carbon Tax to select Vermonters via a variety of rebates, welfare programs, and lowering the state sales and use tax from 6% to 5%. Even if these promises were to come to full fruition, collecting a dollar in taxes then returning 90¢ of it is in no way, shape, or form a tax cut. It is a tax increase, and claiming otherwise is flagrantly dishonest.

“Move the [tax] burden to something we want less of: carbon pollution.” In real world terms that something is driving to work, transporting goods and services, taking kids to school, soccer games and ballet lessons, operating farm equipment, keeping warm in winter, etc. Are these things we really want less of?

“We’ll require the companies that import fossil fuels to pay a gradually rising price on carbon pollution. We’re sure they’ll pass along some of this cost to us, probably only a few pennies per gallon a year.” No, they will pass all of the tax on to us at the rate of 88¢ per gallon of gasoline (roughly $15 per full tank in your average car), $1.02 per gallon of diesel or home heating oil, 58¢ per gallon of propane and natural gas, with similar increases for butane, kerosene and aviation fuel. This is not “a few pennies.”

Will Save Us Money.” This is as laughable as it is dishonest. We will pay more in taxes and pay more for energy.

“Make Vermont more energy independent.” What does this even mean? Are we less “independent” as a state because we buy hydro from Quebec or nuclear power from Seabroook in New Hampshire? There is no value in a small state ill suited to producing electricity attempting to do so locally when cheaper, more reliable sources are available just across our borders.

A big step in the right direction. A Carbon Tax is a big step, alright… right into a big, steaming pile of the stuff this video is spewing.

– Rob Roper is president of the Ethan Allen Institute. 

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Linda B October 13, 2016 at 8:51 pm

I love Rob Roper! Wish he was running for our governor. He brings the true facts right on to the table!


Dream On Farm/ Joe & Mary Warren October 13, 2016 at 9:18 pm

We are Vermont dairy farmers….this tax will put us under, and put the final nails in many farmers coffins….with no question. More importantly…our elderly and anyone living on a fixed income, will freeze in their homes. Many of our older generations are too proud to admit they can not afford to pay, and refuse to ask for heating assistance out of pride. What will become of them?? This is unacceptable and absolutely can not be allowed to happen. We worry most for their health and well being. What are these people thinking??


Adam October 14, 2016 at 5:42 pm

Who is the prince of energy?


jim bulmer October 15, 2016 at 1:40 pm

The libs have always lied and misled the folks to get their way. Inconvenient facts that shed the light of day on their agenda are always ignored or swept under the rug. We need a whole new crew in Montpetier or nothing will change..


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