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Dear Friend of Liberty,

.         This past September we all witnessed The Climate Strike and Week of Action as angry mobs of disgruntled Leftists blocked traffic around the state in hopes of intimidating Vermonters into supporting their radical “green” agenda. This was the opening primal scream in what promises to be an all-out banzai charge to turn Vermont into a Green Police State in 2020.
.         There are five initiatives these disrupters want to see become our Vermont reality: The Carbon Tax, the Global Warming Solutions Act, the Renewable Electricity Standard, the Energy Efficiency Utility Modernization, and the Transportation and Climate Initiative, which is a stealth carbon tax. Should any of these become law, the cost to Vermont taxpayers would be astronomical. If they all become law, well, then it’s time to seriously consider abandoning the Green Mountains for saner pastures.

           We need your help to make sure Vermonters understand just how bad this “Green New Deal for Vermont” is, and that all are armed with the tools needed to stop it in its tracks.


           Here’s the good news: Banzai charges were rarely successful, and most often suicidal. They only succeeded if the opposition was out of resources, totally disorganized, and/or morale had collapsed. Our morale is high. We are ready for this fight. How many resources we have is up to you.

           The stakes are higher than ever for the future of Vermont.

            In addition to helping us keep the lights on, your support enables us to provide you and your fellow citizens with such services as:

  • Issue Briefs. Easy to understand analysis of the key issues facing Vermonters. This year, look for briefs on the Transportation Climate Initiative (TCI), the unfunded pension liability crisis, the Vermont Global Warming Solutions Act, and more.
  • Roll Call Reports. These alerts, issued within 72 hours of each vote, contain a short but detailed description of the legislation voted upon, analysis of the potential impact on Vermonters, links to original documents (bills and journals), and a record of how each legislator voted.
  • Roll Call Profiles. In what has become our signature project, EAI provides an individual profile for each of our 150 house and 30 senate members detailing how they voted on key issues. This is a user-friendly format that devotes a unique web page to each legislator, each with its own link. These links can be shared singly or custom-bundled for our users depending upon your needs. If you haven’t looked already, check out how your own representatives voted!
  • Common Sense Radio. We continue to sponsor a liberty-oriented radio program airing weekdays, 11-noon, on WDEV hosted by Bill Sayre.
            John McClaughry, David Flemming and I will, of course, continue publishing our monthly e-newsletter, a quarterly print newsletter, and a daily on-line blog, as well as producing weekly op-ed submissions to local papers around the Vermont.
As always, we are grateful to have you as a loyal member of our team, and for your steadfast efforts to promote liberty, private property, free markets, and fiscal sanity in this the Green Mountain State.

Yours truly,

Robert Roper

Or send checks to:
Ethan Allen Institute
P.O. Box 543
Montpelier, VT 05601

PS. The Ethan Allen Institute is a 501c3 non-profit organization. All contributions are tax deductible and anonymous.

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Jim December 7, 2019 at 1:48 pm

Hi Rob, My check is in the mail. As for all this “green” hype, if it weren’t so crazy, it would be laughable. If Vermont were ever to reach zero emissions, it would effect the CO2 problem zip, zero, nada. Precious time should be spent dealing with real issues such as the departing of our youngest and brightest, improving the business climate to attract companies providing challenging employment to encourage our youth to remain or return, how about the rising cost of education in the face of a declining population, how about property tax, the woefully under funded pension funds, or why is the state beaurocracy larger than New Hampshire’s. Just a few thoughts. Keep up your good works. Best, Jim.


Rob December 7, 2019 at 1:52 pm

Thank you, Jim!


Robert December 8, 2019 at 2:40 pm

The best money I spend all year is supporting EAI!


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