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Dear Friend of EAI,

The Vermont legislature will be back in session in a month, and they are lining up quite the big-government, high-tax, nanny-state agenda. We need your help to be a strong voice for Vermonters who value individual liberty, limited Constitutional government, low taxes, and economic opportunity. Among the many battles we will need your support to fight this coming year are:


  • Carbon Tax. Though overt support for a Vermont Carbon Tax seems to have cooled in the legislature (thanks in great part to our actions!), activist efforts on behalf of this awful concept have gone into hyperdrive. VPIRG and its allies, including Vermont Businesses for Social Responsibility, are more determined than ever to make Vermont a national precedent for some form of Carbon Tax. Four new Carbon Tax bills were introduced in the waning days of the 2017 session with anticipation for some sort of action in 2018, and just this past month a new proposal, The ESSEX Plan, has been unveiled by a high-powered group of business and political activists.
  • $15 Minimum Wage. Majority party leadership in the legislature has declared passing a $15 minimum wage – a job-killing policy that will raise prices for all Vermonters – will a top priority for 2018. There is already considerable concern within the business community about the potential impact of going to $15. Can you imagine what the economic damage would be if Vermont adopted a $15 minimum wage while New Hampshire’s remains $7.25? No employer would start or keep a business on this side of the Connecticut River.
  • Mandatory Family Leave Insurance. This costly, nanny-state initiative is half way there. The House passed H.196 in 2017, which mandates employees buy into a government-run, family leave insurance program via a payroll tax. Estimated costs for the program ranged as high as $80 million. One House member suggested making this plan voluntary, to which a supporter responded, “Because if it were voluntary, no one would buy it!” That pretty much says it all.
  • Right to Work/Agency Fees. Given the current composition of the legislature, passing Right to Work legislation is unlikely. However, events on the ground in Vermont and nationally will allow us to raise the profile of the issue and, if as many suspect, SCOTUS will rule favorably in Janus v. AFSCME, lay the groundwork for a future campaign to educate union members about their rights and the procedures they need to take to opt out of a union if they so desire.
  • School Choice/Property Taxes. Act 46 continues to threaten 150 years of school choice for 90-plus Vermont “tuitioning” towns, and EAI will continue to play a major role in educating the public about options for saving and expanding Vermont’s unique and wonderful school choice system, and its potential role in reducing property taxes while delivering stronger educational opportunities.

In addition to giving us the resources to lead the fight on these issues in the State House, in local communities, and in the media, your contribution will allow us to continue to provide our core public services, such as:


  • Roll Call Reports. These alerts, issued within 72 hours of each vote, contain a short but detailed description of the legislation, analysis of the potential impact on Vermonters, links to original documents (bills and journals), and a record of how each legislator voted. These have proven to be a very popular facet of our educational mission and play a big part in our social media outreach campaign through “sharing.”
  • Roll Call Profiles. In what is becoming our signature project, EAI provides an individual profile for each of our 150 House and 30 Senate members detailing how they voted on key issues. This is a user-friendly format that devotes a unique web page to each legislator, each with its own link. These links can now be shared singly or custom-bundled for our users depending upon their needs.
  • Common Sense Radio. Bill Sayre hosts our liberty-oriented radio program airing weekdays, 11-noon, on WDEV. Bill is an economist with an M.B.A. in finance and economics from the University of Chicago, where he studied under Milton Friedman. If you’re out of radio range you can stream live shows from
  • Weekly Op-Eds. Look for weekly op-eds in your local papers by John McClaughry, Rob Roper and David Flemming. We spread the free-market message through rougly forty Vermont publications. Let us know if they are (or aren’t!) appearing in yours.

2018 marks the 25th anniversary of the Ethan Allen Institute. We couldn’t have lasted this long or come this far without a large family of like-minded, freedom oriented Vermonters such as yourself. We are so grateful for your generous support. Thank you.

Yours truly,

John McClaughry, founder and vice president

John McClaughry, founder and Vice President

David Flemming, Policy Analyst

David Flemming, Policy Analyst


Rob Roper, President










EAI is a 501c(3) nonprofit, educational organization that neither solicits nor accepts government funding. . Contributions are TAX DEDUCTIBLE for businesses and individuals.

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Bill Adamson January 25, 2018 at 1:52 pm

Dear EAI,

I recently sent $160 to your PO box for my 2018 membership. I am also donating $50 today via credit card to pay for a membership for Bill Porter of Monkton. Bill’s mailing address is in Winooski and you should have it on file. Please email me if you have any questions


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