Issue - Education, Healthcare & Covid-19

Two of the largest ticket items that Vermonters are being taxed on is primary education and healthcare. For decades, the Legislature has consistently consolidated power in Montpelier, which necessarily limits community and individual choices around these vital government services. We believe decentralizing decision making authority will give Vermonters more control over their personal lives


Commentary: Public school democracy, voice vs. choice

New departures in sex education and union-promoted Critical Race Theory in the public schools are raising the temperature of parents and school board. Objecting parents should have the option they have at the college level: parent-empowered K-12 school choice.

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Commentary: The Teachers’ Union’s New Pupil Indoctrination Plan

           The National Education Association’s assembly has passed two startling resolutions, to push the union’s ideology of racial justice and equity, anti-capitalism, and white oppression into the public school classroom. The “remedy” of concerned citizens regaining control of curriculums only rarely succeeds. A better solution: let objecting parents send their children to independent schools, taking a large fraction of their public school equalized per pupil cost of education with them.

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Commentary: Let’s Grow Kids, or Let’s Grow Government?

Lawmakers recently passed a bill that begins the process for a major expansion of state-subsidized childcare for birth to five-year-olds rolled out over the next few years. The new law, crafted and pushed by the special interest group Let’s Grow Kids, could have major negative consequences for children, families, and taxpayers.

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Legislator Roll Call Votes

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Why Must the Infected Get Injected?

On or about April 2021, the character of human immunity changed. It is when the prestigious Mayo Clinic decided that the immunity acquired after COVID-19 infection is inconsequential. Before this paradigm shift, scientists believed that exposure to infections resulted in powerful and enduring protection known as adaptive or acquired immunity. The adaptive immune system is after all, a complex and integrated physiological marvel that protects the body by targeting threats with precision and accuracy.

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School Choice Scores Big in Mendon and Chittenden

My friend attorney Deborah Bucknam of Walden has long been a strong advocate for parental choice in education. Last week she attended a meeting of the Mendon and Chittenden school district. She reports that “ 99% of those attending wanted school choice. That included admitted leftists, public school teachers, retired public school teachers,  and some school administrators.  At least half said they moved to Mendon and Chittenden because they had school choice.” 

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Masking Children Belies Honest Cost-Benefit Considerations

Citing the Delta variant, Vermont officials have extended universal masking for all K-12 students until early October (after which it applies to the unvaccinated). Though a mandate cannot be enforced absent a state of emergency, psychological and social pressures to ensure student compliance abound.

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