12-7-15 – Infrastructure, Schminfrastructure: Bernie Sanders – The Anti-Jobs Candidate

by Chris Campion

Recently, the politician who demanded the minimum wage be raised to $15/hourhas, um, come out against a pipeline project that would create jobs at hourly rates much higher than $15.

“I believe the Northeast Energy Direct pipeline that would carry fracked natural gas for 400 miles through 17 communities is a bad idea – and should be opposed,” the Vermont senator said.

Looks like Sen. Sanders has his list of environmental trigger warnings at hand, making sure that “fracked” is the qualifier for “natural gas”, which somehow indicates that the natural gas has been tainted in the fracking process, and is now worthy of scorn and derision.  No word yet as to which Vermont families are equally horrified to find that natural gas – WHICH IS CARRIED IN PIPES IN NEIGHBORHOODS NEAR YOU, OH MY GOD THE EVIL OF FRACKING IS CALLING FROM INSIDE YOUR HOUSE! – is available when they want to heat their homes when it’s three degrees in January.  And oh, I don’t know, what families might question their prior Bernie votes when gas is unavailable when they turn on their aptly-named gas stoves to cook and grimly digest the thin gruel that only Vermonters can afford in their $15/hour jobs.

Thanks Bernie!

Here’s a couple of hideous natural gas facts for Bernie to digest, in between his economics classes he must surely be taking now (courtesy of Vermont Gas):

Vermont’s natural gas is transported from Canada via the TransCanada Pipe Line and enters at Highgate, on the Vermont/Canada border. Vermont Gas serves customers through a network of more than 750 miles of underground transmission and distribution lines.

What?  There’s already 750 miles of underground transmission lines?  And the state of Vermont hasn’texploded?  But wait:  Could there be even more good news about (gasp!) gas?

Vermont Gas Systems provides clean, affordable natural gas to almost 50,000 families, businesses, and institutions in Chittenden and Franklin counties. Through energy efficiency and prevented emissions from heating oil and propane, the company’s customers annually avoid carbon emissions equivalent to almost 10% of the emissions of Vermont’s cars and trucks.

So:  We already have longstanding proven gas infrastructure, as if we needed more evidence of pipeline reliability.  Secondly, natural gas is less of an emissions sinner than other energy sources, if that’s a significant concern to you.  Third, once the pipeline is built (if it is built), you reduce the need to haul natural gas via trucks on carbon-infused roads. Or via non-solar-powered trains.

One can see why Vermont’s most upstanding Senator and job-creating genius is against such ghastly efforts.  Why, it’s almost as if he’s arguing to keep the cost of energy high in Vermont, in a state that is supremely reliant on having affordable and on-demand energy sources so its citizens don’t freeze to death.  It’s almost as if he’s arguing that Vermonters should pay more for and have less access to heating fuels.

But that can’t be what he’s arguing, can it?  A Senator arguing against both the financial and health prospects of its constituencies?  Oh, wait, never mind – I forgot.  He also voted for Obamacare, and claims to have partially written the ACA – when he’s not too busy campaigning to miss a vote on its repeal, that is.  The ACA does the same thing as his opposition to the pipeline – reduces the financial and health prospects of the constituencies he purports to represent.

So don’t worry, Vermont – Bernie’s got your back.  He’s got your back, that is, if you work in Government or Education & Health Services (which includes Social Services), because according to the most recent employment data, those are the two sectors that incurred the most job growth between October 2014 and October 2015 in Vermont.  Of the roughly 2,600 jobs created between those two dates, these two sectors claimed all of that net growth:

And what Vermonter doesn't dream, as a child, to grow up one day and become a state employee?

In other words, don’t worry about critical infrastructure like energy sources.  After all, if you shut down the state’s most reliable and cheapest form of energy, and block natural gas pipelines from being built, the only logical result is that businesses will flock to Vermont in order to set up shop in the country’s most business-friendly state in the nation.





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Jim Bulmer December 12, 2015 at 1:55 pm

The best way to deal with Bernie is to ignore him and his looney ideas and move on to more serious issues.


Jim Bulmer December 12, 2015 at 1:58 pm

And guess what, these two job growth sectors came on the backs of the tax payers.!!!!! Bernie strikes again.


Doug Richmond, Underhill December 13, 2015 at 8:36 pm

////////$15 an hour as a livable wage? First even the advocates admit they want much more, something like $22. Second since a typical employer has a load of commonly 50% added to wages to pay for; SS, medicare, unemployment, disability, liability, cost of paperwork for the gov’t, paid vacation and mandatory sick days, and more. Then, If the employer were given freedom from this crap for a new hire, first time job – wages could be higher. Next our gov’t demanding full health care, at the gov’t’s ever increasing costs. $15 will cost the employer $30!!!!
Second, not every low end job is intended to support a family of 4 living in their own apartment. After some time in a min wage job, and earning a good recommendation, a person moves up the earnings ladder, either a raise with this employer or at a new better job. If you take the bottom 5 rungs off the earnings ladder, then nobody can even get started. It has always been so.
Just get the gov’t off our backs, and we can prosper and our employees can also prosper, AND be able to pay the resulting income higher tax $$ !!


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