1-8-16 – Obama’s gun control message

by John McClaughry

Last Tuesday President Obama held the latest of his lectures to the nation on gun control. Once he again he declared that we need to keep guns out of the wrong hands – and presumably pipe bombs, shoe bombs, butcher knives and suicide vests, although he didn’t mention anything but guns.

But how do we – the government – keep guns out of the wrong hands? Obama seems to think the gun crime problem is caused by unlicensed gun owners selling guns to people at gun shows and in parking lots. Therefore, license all sellers who aren’t blood relatives of the buyers.

This somehow overlooks the fact that on the order of half a million of America’s three hundred million firearms are stolen every year. Maybe we should make it a crime to steal a gun! Oh wait, we did that about four hundred years ago.

Then he wants to keep guns out of hands of the mentally ill who might commit acts of violence. Hard to argue with that – but just who are those people? They don’t have a scarlet D for dangerous stamped on their foreheads. And we can’t take a way a citizen’s right to keep and bear arms just because some government official, perhaps on the say so of somebody with a grudge, comes to believe that person is potential terrorist.

When all of these irrational anti-gun measures fail, the anti-gunners will desperately demand gun registration and gun confiscation. Some things never change.

– John McClaughry is the founder and vice president of the Ethan Allen Institute

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Sherri January 9, 2016 at 1:01 pm

Does anyone ever notice that it’s the responsible gun owners who pay for the crimes. Take for instance the cop who was shot in PA yesterday with a stolen police gun. I turned to my husband and asked if he thought that someone did a background check on the fella who stole the gun? He was sure that it must have been done…..”It’s the law”.

You don’t see them screaming for background checks to buy a machete…..or a hammmer…..or piano wire…..or concrete…..or knives…..or the boots someone might use to kick someone with. I guess in those cases, they think it’s the person wielding the instrument not the instrument itself that is responsible. Hmmmmm…..


Ron krantz January 9, 2016 at 3:46 pm

The Government has already instituted total gun confiscation in the form of a gun free zones. How did that work ? They created killing fields. This is not about gun control or gun safety it is about disarming the country and these actions are the nose of the camel.


Robert January 9, 2016 at 3:51 pm

What troubled me most about Mr. Obama’s executive actions (aside that they will do nothing to address the issue and of course weren’t intended to) is that he stated he had to do it because “Congress wouldn’t act.” I’m not a Constitutional scholar (as Mr. Obama supposedly is) but I thought that was how our system of government was supposed to work. Meaning Congress was designed to express the will of the people, and if Congress did or did not act on something, the executive branch was not intended to second-guess the legislative branch by issuing edicts.

So, in defiance of at minimum the intent of our Constitution, Mr. Obama is taking it upon himself to tell us what we want and blame Congress in doing so. This is a victory for the unthinking, and a grave danger to the rule of law under which we are supposed to be living.


Ron January 9, 2016 at 4:14 pm

Excellent point. He totally ignores the balance of powers. We now have a King.


Peg C January 13, 2016 at 3:18 pm

Does anyone remember, in the spring of 2009, Obama tweaked the law to enable the president’s ability to declare martial law. It was part of or at the same time of the NDAA he also signed. Do you think the standing law was lacking? Do we know what will be the trigger for Obama to take that step and what would be the best time to do that? I will be very surprised if the next election of 2016 happens and he has not started more “fires” of unrest and division. If marshall law is declared will the election in November actually take place? As we watch one hand of Obama, what is the other hand doing?


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