1-6-14 – All eyes (at least the Left ones) are on Vermont

On January 1st, Left wing filmmaker Michael Moore wrote in his New York Times Op-Ed, “All eyes are on Vermont’s plan for a single-payer system, starting in 2017. If it flies, it will change everything, with many states sure to follow suit by setting up their own versions.”

On December 27, the Atlantic ran an article by Sean McElwee titled, “Can Vermont’s Single-Payer System Fix What Ails American Healthcare?” It observes, “As Obamacare struggles, progressives hope a bold experiment could offer a better model. But first, it has to work.”

On December 18, the Nation listed Vermont’s drive towards single payer healthcare as its “Most Valuable State Initiative” in its 2013 Progressive Honor Roll.

The Left has always viewed Single Payer Healthcare as the ultimate objective. If Obmamcare succeeds, the Left will say, “See, we told you so. You can trust us to take the next step to single payer.” If Obamacare fails, they will say, “See, we didn’t go far enough. We must move on to single payer.” And in either case, they will point to Vermont. Provided, of course, as McElwee notes, it first works in Vermont.

The point is, the Left understands what’s at stake in this tiny state with a dirt cheap media market and state house races that cost as little as a few hundred bucks to run. Their national media, their culture warriors, and their national network of donors are all focused on making sure the Vermont experiment works.

But, where are their counterparts on the Right coming in to tell the story of what a farce and fiasco Vermont’s single payer system has been so far? The stakes are huge, which is why Michael Moore noted, “That’s why corporate money will soon flood into Vermont to crush [single payer].” That would be the smart move. But where is it?

If you haven’t watched the Ethan Allen Institute’s Turning Blue yet, now is the time.

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