1-26-16 – Who’s the Bully?

by Robert Rich

If you were one of the many thousands of Vermonters who were understandably hesitant to allow undocumented, unvetted refugees into Vermont after the ISIS terrorism in Paris and San Bernardino, and the mass rapes by refugees in Germany, Governor Shumlin had a name for you in his state of the state address.  It was “un-American.”

Further insulting by inference Vermonters who might have a different view than he, Mr. Shumlin went on to say “Vermonters have a long and proud tradition of rejecting racism, bigotry, bullying, intolerance, and fear.”  Mr. Shumlin would have us believe that reluctance with his undocumented refugee program is tantamount to being an intolerant racist bigot, rather than having a rational concern for the safety of your family and community.

In this new era of incivility by certain political figures, this is called shaming people into compliance.  After all, who wants to be labeled a racist bigot by his own governor?  Someone should tell Mr. Shumlin that Vermont has a long and proud tradition of our governors treating all Vermonters with dignity and respect.  Someone should also tell him that name-calling is classic bullying.

In his haste to place the immigration agenda of the Obama administration above the rational safety concerns of ordinary Vermonters, Mr. Shumlin says he’s been assured by officials at the White House and State Department that all refugees are properly vetted.  Of course, taking this position requires ignoring FBI director James Comey’s November 19, 2015 statement that vetting every refugee is “impossible.”

Recently we have witnessed the brutal mass murders of innocent people at the hands of immigrant terrorists and the mass raping of women at the hands of refugees.  So even as we desire to extend our hand to those in need, it is rational and normal for people to be concerned with their own safety when considering a massive influx of people of unknown background into their communities.  Moreover, it is a fact ISIS has claimed it is planting terrorists among refugees.

Vermont’s state motto is “Freedom and Unity.”  Unfortunately our current governor seems not to understand that freedom includes expressing our opinions and concerns without fear of reprisal, and that unity is not promoted by insulting Vermonters for having opinions and concerns different from his own.

Hopefully Vermonters will not concede their Freedom and Unity to a governor who exhibits the behaviors he claims to oppose.  Wanting to provide safety to refugees but be safe ourselves while doing so is not intolerant, but the Governor’s expecting Vermonters to disregard their own safety for his agenda certainly is.

– Robert Rich lives in South Burlington

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Richard Ley January 26, 2016 at 5:24 pm

Shumlin reminds me so much of Obama that turns my stomach.

Someone is doing to Vermont what Obama has done to our country.
He doesn’t have a clue how Vermonters feel about any of this policies if he did he wouldn’t be so hell bent on the destruction of our state.

I’ll try just because he states things about Vermonters doesn’t mean those are the things we feel are true.

Americans across this country have fun to keep these refugees out of their states not because they don’t care about them but because we don’t care to be infiltrated by people who want to do us harm where to drag down an already bad economy.

This is just a ploy by someone to come across as the big hearted liberal he is.
He lied to Vermonters about his position on guns.

Someone is only a POSER… he is doing these things to look good in the eyes of the Liberals so we can leave our state in shambles and move on to bigger and better things.

He has filled Vermont financially and buried us in debt and now he wants to get his hands on federal monies that belong to a Vermonters as well..

This man has been a total failure for Vermont and Vermonters!


Jim Bulmer January 30, 2016 at 3:01 pm

The Gov. could care less about what Main Street Vermonters think. Over the years he has pandered to the burkenstock crowd in Windom and Addison Counties. As for undokcumented, unvetted refugees, time will tell. Let’s hope we don’t have a San Bernardino on our hands down the road.


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