January 11, 2006

EAI Groans at “Vermont Campaign for Health Care Security”

Statement by EAI President John McClaughry

“The Vermont left has pulled out all the stops to manufacture a new coalition to promote its dream of government controlled taxpayer financed single payer health care. This one is called the “Vermont Campaign for Health Security”, and it includes everybody who is anybody in the teeming warrens of Vermont’s big government left.”

“The coalition’s ‘five principles’ have been massaged to make them as innocuous as possible, but the reality behind them is the same as that of last year’s failed Green Mountain Health bill.”

“That reality, amply on display in single payer Canada, is all-inclusive government-controlled health care monopoly, complete with the unavoidable politicized decision making, vast bureaucracies, global budget rationing, long waiting lines, dispirited doctors and nurses, shabby facilities, obsolete technology, diminishing quality of care, and of course much higher taxes.”

“Please: spare us.”