The Lyceum Society of Vermont is an intellectual forum founded in 2007 and dedicated to providing an exchange of ideas among traditionalists, paleoconservatives, classical liberals, libertarians, neoconservatives, the New Right, and others devoted to a philosophy of ordered liberty. 

The origin of the lyceum began in the Greek city of Athens where Aristotle created the original lyceum as a school for classes in philosophy.  In the 19th century, lyceums formed in the United States in small towns as a venue for citizens to educate themselves in economics, history, politics, philosophy, religion, literature, the arts, and the sciences.  After the Civil War the lyceum movement waned, with most lyceums becoming courses of instruction by means of concerts, performances, and generalized lectures. 

The mission of the Lyceum Society of Vermont is to promote the intellectual discussion of principles and ideas essential to the preservation of traditional culture and human liberty, the creation of abundance, and achieving a good and just society.  To that end the Lyceum Society seeks to educate its members and the public about the purpose of ordered liberty and the value of what Russell Kirk referred to as the "permanent things." 

The society plans to sponsor regular intellectual discussion meetings and at least one major public event each year.

Membership in the Lyceum Society of Vermont is $30.00 and includes a complimentary membership to the Ethan Allen Institute for any Lyceum Society member who is not otherwise an EAI donor.

For more information about the Lyceum Society of Vermont and its programs contact or visit online at .

N. P. West, Moderator
The Lyceum Society of Vermont
P.O. Box 624
Proctor, VT 05765

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