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Staff & Directors of the Institute

President: Rob RoperRobRoper

    The Board of Directors of the Ethan Allen Institute elected  Robert Roper, of Stowe, as its new President on December 1, 2012.

    Roper, who has served on the Institute’s Board for the past year and hosted its influential Common Sense Radio weekday talk show on WDEV, will spearhead an aggressive new program to educate Vermonters on the fundamentals of a free society – individual liberty, limited government, lower taxes, competitive free enterprise, economic opportunity, fiscal responsibility, and respect for the constitution. 

    “The values and principles that made our country the most prosperous society the world has ever seen must be celebrated and protected,” said Roper. “We believe in and fight for the ideals laid out in our Declaration of Independence and Constitution because they work. Today, we are witnessing a systematic erosion of our rights and, sadly, the Vermont government is leading the way with a host of confiscatory taxes, unjust mandates, and ideological experiments in social engineering. Our task is to wake Vermonters up while there is still time to avert a tragedy.”

    Roper, a graduate of Kenyon College in Ohio, came to Vermont in 1998 after eight years as an advertising writer and marketing strategist with three international advertising companies. His accounts included such firms as Unilever, Kraft, Bronx Zoo, Colgate Palmolive, and the U.S. Postal Service.

    In Vermont, Rob has provided marketing services for a number of local businesses and organizations. In public life, he has worked in several political campaigns and served for three years (Jan 2007 – Nov 2009) as chairman of the Vermont Republican State Committee.

    Rob and his wife Hilary live in Stowe with their two children. He succeeds interim President Bruce Shields of Eden, who will return to the Institute’s 15-member Advisory Council.


John McCVice President: John McClaughry

    John McClaughry became EAI Vice President in August 2009, after serving  as its founding President since 1993. On Decemer 31, 2010 he retired as acting CEO, but continues to serve the Institute as a widely published commentator on Vermont issues and editor of the Ethan Allen Letter.

    John was Legislative Aide to Vermont Senator Winston Prouty, 1965-67; a Fellow of the Institute of Politics, JFK School, Harvard University, 1967-68; a member of the Vermont House, 1969-72; Senior Policy Advisor in President Reagan's White House Office of Policy Development, 1981-82; member of the Vermont Senate 1989-92; and Republican candidate for Governor of Vermont, 1992. He has served on four Presidential Commissions by appointment of Presidents Nixon, Carter, and Reagan, and has been Kirby Town Moderator for the past 44 years.


    Catherine Clark, attorney, Burlington

    John Cueman, VP, Bromley Mountain Ski Area, Dorset

    Connie Houston, Lang McLaughry Spera Real Estate, Ferrisburg

    Frank Mazur, former chair, House Transportation Committee, South Burlington

    Anne McClaughry, EAI Secretary Treasurer, Kirby

    Jack McMullen, partner, Cambridge Meridian Group, Burlington

    Rob Roper, Common Sense Radio, Stowe

    William R. Sayre, Duncan Hermanson Co., Bristol