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Fiscal Facts

Shaping America’s Fiscal Future

Former U. S. Comptroller General David Walker and Vermont panelists Art Woolf, David Coates and Tom Salmon presented an outstanding program at the Sheraton Burlington on August 19, 2010

Off the Rails
Changing Demographics, Changing Economics
Accumulating Obligations. How Will Vermont Cope with a Challenging Future?

This landmark report (updated in 2008) projects the future of Vermont’s population, economy and state spending obligations out to the year 2030: "Vermont’s population is aging. In the future there will be many more dependents and fewer wealth-producing  workers. These workers will not be able to generate the tax revenue needed to pay Vermont’s projected expenditures for public K-12 education and human services. Increasing broad based tax rates is far more likely to cripple the state’s economy than to produce the needed revenues."

The report contains three pages of specific recommendations to keep Vermont’s finances from veering off the rails. Click here for the report (16pp, pdf format).

Vermont's Fiscal Crisis 2011  - Pocket Card 

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EAI Commentaries: Over the years EAI has published numerous commentaries addressing the state's finances, including four critical of the "Challenge for Change" process of 2010. These can be accessed by returning to the Commentaries tab on the home page, under "General" (in reverse chronological order).