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Energy Education Project

EAI Announces New Energy Education Project 

The Ethan Allen Institute has launched its new Energy Education Project, designed to educate Vermonters reliably about their energy choices. 

The Project will address current issues, such as relicensing Vermont Yankee and the federal legal challenge to Vermont’s method of paying for renewables (Feed In Tariffs).  The Project will provide education about the economics and environmental impacts of conventional and renewable energy generation, including new technology now on the horizon.

Angwin photo 1010Meredith Angwin of Wilder, Vermont, will head the Project. She is a physical chemist who worked for years at the Electric Power Research Institute and other technology companies.  Now she is an energy educator.  She is a member of the Coalition for Energy Solutions, teaches about coal pollution control at Ilead, and blogs at “Yes Vermont Yankee.” 

Angwin explains that Vermonters need to be much better informed about the implications of their energy choices.  “Many Vermonters have been misled by upbeat rhetoric, and think that we can replace all fossil and nuclear plants with renewables within a few years.  I began my career in renewables, and it isn’t that easy.  The projects are expensive, and they often encounter fierce local opposition.”

Through the Energy Education Project, Ms. Angwin hopes to help Vermonters make choices based on “realistic assessments of our energy future, not wishful thinking and misleading comparisons.” The Project plans educational outreach programs including community meetings, energy debates, and social media.

An invitation: EAI members and others who would like to be a part of this Project should contact Meredith at  or via phone at 802 291-9172. You’ll get invitations to all events, and lots of useful information. The Project now has a web site at, and Meredith manages the blog at